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Grow & Create

There is a growing body of evidence to support the link between creativity and physical and mental wellbeing.
Creative groups can help us in many ways:

Expressing and managing emotions

Distracting us from stress and anxiety

  • Giving a sense of meaning and purpose

  • Giving a sense of achievement and self worth

  • Relaxing and enjoying the here and now

  • Improving our awareness of the world around us

  • Improving our awareness of natural beauty

  • Learning new skills

  • Discovering abilities and potential

  • Making friends

Creative groups at Health All Round include:

Write On!     

Meets weekly at Tynecastle Community Wing. A small, friendly group suitable for absolute beginners or more experienced writers. There is no pressure to produce a finished piece and experimentation is encouraged. This group is about writing for the sheer pleasure of it.

Art for Health:

Another weekly group taking a light hearted approach to creativity. A small, friendly and informal group, trying out different materials with an experienced artist. There is no pressure to produce a masterpiece or even a finished piece. It’s all about trying new things. This group really helps you live in the moment so if you are finding life very stressful this may be just the medicine you need.

Health All Round Community Allotment:

Outdoor exercise is also linked to mental and physical wellbeing. If you would like to join us down at the allotment as a gardener, or simply to enjoy the fresh air, ring Gloria on 0131 337 1376 or e-mail: gloria@healthallround.org.uk

Experienced gardeners and absolute beginners are all welcome!